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Guy and Emily Tipton first visited Shelburne on their honeymoon in 2004. At the time, they were both engineers working and living in Oxford, UK. Emily is originally from Ontario, and the couple had planned to settle in Canada someday. As soon as they arrived in Shelburne, they were hooked.

"The sailing area is like nothing I've ever seen before," says Guy, a former Olympic class sailor for Britain. "Not only is it the third largest natural deepwater harbour in the world, but the wind is consistent and there is so little traffic -- it is perfect for racing yachts and dinghies. I've sailed all over Europe at all the major venues and there is no comparison."

Over the next few years, they started a family and started looking for a way to live in Shelburne permanently. In 2007 they managed to transfer their jobs to Nova Scotia. Guy, an electronics engineer, works for an international testing company, but now telecommutes from his attic. He cut his working hours down to 20 hours per week when they moved, mainly because the cost of living is so much more reasonable in Shelburne than it was in the UK. "I now spend every afternoon with my children. It is fantastic. Not very many families have that luxury."

Emily is a self-employed chemical engineer. She consults for companies in Alberta and the UK, also from the attic. "We have a wonderful balance now," she says. "We are both able to work and spend time with the kids. We can live on so much less than before and the quality of life is so much better."

Guy and Emily also appreciate the sense of community that living in a small town in Nova Scotia brings to their family. They now have two young sons, Oliver (2 years) and William (4 months). "Everyone knows us and our children. We really feel like the people are looking out for us and looking after our family." They have enjoyed becoming involved in the community. Guy is now part of the volunteer fire department and the whole family is actively involved at the yacht club, as well as supporting several committees in town.

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