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In 2000 Belinda and Scott Robinson, originally from southern Ontario, were looking for a place where they could raise a family and achieve a balance between work and life. It all came together when they discovered Shelburne.

Belinda and Scott operate a unique arboriculture technology company from their Lake Deception home, a 15-minute drive from Shelburne. Using patented computer modelling technology, they advise golf courses on how to get more sunlight onto greens, tees, and fairways to grow a better playing surface. The Robinsons' clients include Top 100 Golf Courses situated all over North America, many in the United States. What they do can be done from anywhere - anywhere with high speed Internet service, telephone and fax, access to professional services, and a major airport within a reasonable driving distance.

Scott and Belinda chose Shelburne for many reasons, listed in their own words below:
  • Affordable waterfront housing
  • Respected schools, day care, library, and sports programs
  • World class canoe routes at our doorstep
  • An ocean playground that has some of the best ocean kayaking, boating, and sailing anywhere
  • Stunning natural resources
  • Gardening zone 6a
  • A town with a main street and an historic component to the downtown
  • Arts Centre and a community of artists
  • Yacht Club and Marina
  • Community of professionals needed for business
  • And the backbone of any place ... the people ... a vibrant blend of people from here and away who have been so welcoming

    "Four years ago, our son Forrest was born. Now, as parents, we realize every day that we chose well when we chose to live and work from our lakefront home in Shelburne," says Belinda. In the summer, the Robinsons play on Shelburne Harbour in "Gubbins," their small inboard Cape Island boat, and Scott is dabbling in growing high bush blueberries.

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