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Jan and Alan Pulfrey set sail from the UK 8 years ago, looking for an adventure but also keeping one eye open for a place to settle down some day. They are both former officers in the RAF and, as a result, had a somewhat nomadic lifestyle even before they began living on a yacht. After six years aboard 'Coral Moon', they had finally got to the stage where they felt it might be time to put down some roots.

"We always had one eye open for a place to settle down. When we sailed into Shelburne, we were immediately taken by the beautiful setting and the community atmosphere. We had a list of requirements for a suitable place to live, and Shelburne was the first place that met them all, and then some," says Jan. "The only item on our list that Shelburne didn't seem to meet was 'warm climate', but our first winter here was much milder than we thought. It is actually quite nice to be able to enjoy all the seasons here".

Alan was a Wing Commander in the RAF and served as an F4 Systems Operator. Jan was a Flight Lieutenant and served as an air traffic controller. Both Alan and Jan have become very active within the yacht club and the community since moving to town. Alan is starting to do some carpentry work as well as some consulting and Jan is volunteering on the yacht club executive. They both see many opportunities for work in the future in Shelburne. "With the Internet, it doesn't matter so much where you are any more. You can still connect with all the right people," says Alan. They also get the opportunity to do plenty of sailing in the harbour. They race on Hard 8, a Tripp 41, at least twice a week throughout the summer.

Overall, the Pulfreys really appreciate the quality of life they have in Shelburne. There is no pollution, no traffic and very little crime. There is a very active social scene and the village-like atmosphere has made them feel right at home.

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