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Wayne King was born and bred in Shelburne; his wife Debi comes from Digby, Nova Scotia. They chose to raise their family in Shelburne (both children were born at Roseway Hospital here) and love the community and its people. They feel the community helped to raise their kids.

As a young man, Wayne left Shelburne to attend Acadia University in Wolfville, returning 4 years later with a degree in Physical Education, Recreation and Community Development. Debi moved to Shelburne to take a job at the Shelburne Boys School, first as a secretary and later as a youth worker. Soon after Debi's arrival, the two met, married and settled in Shelburne.

"Initially I came back for family reasons," Wayne says. "I needed to be close to my mother after my father passed away. But I truly believe that Shelburne has tremendous potential as a community. It has an ideal climate and there are endless recreation opportunities all year round." Wayne, the former director of the Shelburne County Arena, has volunteered his time and expertise in a number of organizations, including serving in the volunteer fire department and as commodore of Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club. Most recently, Wayne headed up the restoration of 10 Albacores for use by the sailing school and the community. "In Shelburne you can make a real difference, and you get out of the community what you are willing to put in," Wayne says.

Debi has been an active volunteer for youth and families in Shelburne over the years. She has served on the board of the King Street Centre, a family resource centre supported by Health Canada, for more than 12 years and was instrumental in bringing the centre to the community. She was also involved in bringing a new elementary school, Hillcrest Academy, to Shelburne. "The people of Shelburne are friendly and helpful and it was a wonderful experience raising the children here. It is a safe community, and a happy community," Debi says.

Wayne & Debi have two children, both of whom now live in Halifax. Jennifer is a Registered Massage Therapist and Matthew is finishing a BA at St. Mary's University and hopes to become a teacher. "They had to leave home to go to school," says Debi, "but they love coming back to Shelburne to visit. When they look for a place to settle down, I think they will seriously think about coming back here."

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