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Dave and Sandy Alexander came from Austin, Texas. They lived aboard their yacht for 10 years before coming to Shelburne and they had no intention of settling down anywhere. But they sailed into Shelburne harbour just as the fog lifted on Founders' Days weekend 2004 and felt like they had come home.

"While we were cruising, we visited many different countries and enjoyed a very exciting, worthy lifestyle. That is a hard act to follow. We weren't going to settle for just any place," Dave says. After their first visit to Shelburne, they sailed up the coast of Nova Scotia for 6 weeks before returning to Shelburne on their way back south. "When we returned, we were treated like old friends. Yacht clubs are typically pretty chilly places, but everyone at Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club welcomed us back like family. We both immediately thought 'I could do this. I could live here"'.

Dave is a mechanical engineer who worked for an electric utility company and Sandy spent 20 years working as a stained glass artisan and designer in a studio in Austin. Although they are now both retired, they keep very busy in the community. Dave is the vice president of the Historical Society as well as a steward at a local church. He also finds time to pursue his hobbies. This past winter he had a show of his photographic artwork at the Osprey Arts Centre and he is an avid harmonica player and often plays with other local musicians. Sandy serves on the board of directors of the Osprey Arts Centre and volunteers at a local craft shop. She also hopes to start showing her wire hair dachshunds, which are well known around town!

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