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Number of Physicians Five full time, two part-time
Number of Physicians Participating in ER Rotations Five local physicians, three locums
Distribution of ER Presentations
  • 50% infections (UTI, URI, cellulitis, etc.)
  • 15% musculoskeletal injury
  • 10% cardiac symptoms
  • 5% trauma (MVC, falls, etc.)
  • 20% miscellaneous (diabetes, migraines, psychiatric)
ER Visits by Gender 55% female, 45% male
ER visits for 2007 14,402
Most Common Inpatient Diagnosis Convalescence (ALC), Renal Colic, COPD, Pneumonia, Atrial Fibrillation, IHD
Average number of inpatients per physician, per day 4
Average number of Admissions per physician, per year 73
Average total number of inpatients per physician, per year 1,464

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