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Shelburne Regional School System has two modern public schools. Hillcrest Academy, serving students from grades primary to six, opened in 1993 and has a current population of approximately 300 students. The school includes a large playground, gymnasium, cafeteria, library, art room, music room, French room, and multiple classrooms to serve the diverse needs of the students. There are many extra activities offered such as the school choir, intramural sports and student leadership opportunities.

Shelburne Regional High School opened in 2004 and is home to approximately 400 students from grades seven to twelve. The school is fully high-speed wired with multiple Internet access points and an LCD projector in every classroom. There is a full cafeteria/auditorium, double gymnasium and athletic field and track, fitness room, multi-media centre, science and computer labs, art and music rooms. The school runs a wide range of extracurricular sports teams, clubs and activities. Both schools have highly qualified staffs overseen by the Tri-County Regional School Board.

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