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The practice of medicine here in Shelburne is typical of any rural practice with a community-based hospital as its centre. Although in the past, as many as seven full-time physicians were in practice in Shelburne, there are currently five practicing physicians, three full-time and two part-time. To meet the community's current and future needs, more physicians are required both for routine office care, inpatient care and to share on-call emergency room rotations.

An office practice usually consists of anywhere from 1000-2500 (average, 2000) charts. Typically, long-term chronic medical problems are managed in this setting.

Depending on the availability of staff to cover the emergency department, regular shifts can be either twelve or twenty-four hours in duration. The whole gamut of acute care medicine is encountered, ranging from trauma to acute cardiac, acute respiratory and acute abdominal medicine, in addition to various viral presentations and musculoskeletal complaints. Excisions of lesions and injections are usually performed in the emergency department as well.

The inpatient unit consists of 26 beds, 12 acute care and 14 alternate level of care. An internist visits one day a week for consult clinics and to perform endoscopic procedures and visits an additional half a day a week to conduct stress tests. Other visiting specialists include ENT, OB/GYN, surgery and pediatrics services.

Additional services to the area include mental health, social worker, palliative and supportive care, a diabetes education centre and rehabilitation services, which include physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

There is a significant geriatric population in the Shelburne area. A long-term care facility and seniors' apartments adjacent to the hospital provide physicians with the opportunity to make "house calls" and to practice geriatric medicine.

In summary, Shelburne offers a well-rounded rural type of medical practice with ample opportunity to practice acute care medicine within the community hospital setting.

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