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On his second day visiting Canada, Joe Bidermann decided he wanted to live here. Joe can't quite put into words what happened to him. "It was just a feeling in my heart that I followed ever since."

Joe was born in Stuttgart, Germany, where he spent the first 33 years of his life before immigrating to the South Shore of Nova Scotia in 1996. He earned a college degree in Early Childhood Education and another in Environmental Science, which introduced him to horticulture and ornamental landscaping. After working for different landscaping companies in Germany for several years, Joe started Joe Bidermann Landscaping Design in 1994 and has continued this business since his immigration.

Joe ended up in Shelburne by happenstance. Several years before he immigrated, his parents had purchased some land in Shelburne County. He decided to live in Shelburne temporarily until he could transfer his business to the West Coast. Once he got to Shelburne, however, he decided to stay.

"Shelburne is a beautiful town with wonderful people and plenty of things to do, both on the water and off. The historic waterfront area was a particular draw for me, as well as the yacht club and Osprey Arts Centre right in the Historic District." Joe is an avid windsurfer, mountain biker, motorcyclist and kayaker and enjoys the recreational opportunities in the area year round. He also enjoys the arts community and music scene that Shelburne offers.

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