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Shelburne's built wooden heritage is the most significant in Canada and the small Historic District rivals any area of North America for its density of pre-1800 wooden buildings. Eight of the twelve dwellings facing the water on Dock Street were built before 1785.

Six narrow lanes and four streets retain the same dimensions and character as laid out by British surveyors who established a city from scratch in 1783 to house more than 15,000 Loyalists escaping the American Revolution. Of the 46 residential properties in the District, only one was built after 1900 and over a dozen architectural styles are present.

Shelburne's five museums include The Ross-Thompson House and Store, stocked as it was in the 1820s, shipbuilding and cooper shops, and the Shelburne County Museum with its microfilm collection of 18th to 20th century Shelburne newspapers, private papers and Court of Session records.

You can see more about Shelburne's heritage on MSNBC.

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