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Shelburne County has the third lowest commercial tax rate in Nova Scotia, a mature and educated work force, and direct access to the Canada 100 series highway, #103. There is a commercial fishing fleet operating out of the Port of Shelburne (a Secure Port), the Nova Scotia Community College, a Professional Film Stage at Sandy Point, high speed internet service throughout the area, and numerous diverse businesses in and around Shelburne.

One of these businesses, headquartered in Shelburne, is Black Bull Resources Inc., an integrated miner, processor, and marketer of industrial minerals under the trademark ScotiaWhite that trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "BBS". Black Bull is the largest resource of white rock quartz in North America. Close by, in Lockeport, is the home of Allendale Electronics, a short-run to medium-volume printed circuit board assembly company, in business since 1973, using local labour and automation. In Shelburne, the largest manufacturer is Ven-Rez Products, a manufacturer of furniture for the educational, and institutional market, with a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Tourism development continues apace in all parts of the county. Attractions include many festivals, environmental and nature-based tourism, birding, boating and hiking, as well as history, architecture and museums.

The former military installation in Sandy Point has been converted to a professional film sound stage and has been used to produce several films, including Wilby Wonderful, Virginia's Run and others. Other films shot in the area include The Scarlet Letter, Mary Silliman's War, as well as documentary features and nature and marine specials. The new owners of the facility have also added retail and recreation facillites for public use.

The former youth centre has new owners who are developing Bowood, a multi-use business and residential facility there. The regional electronics and waste recycling centres are located there. Music and other entertainment events are regularly scheduled in the theatre on site.

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